ICOtec GC500 GEN2 Electronic Game Caller


The ICOtec GC500 Programmable Electronic Game Call is light weight and a very powerful game call companion ideal for predator hunters. The GC500 comes with 200 calls and the unit has up to a 300 yard remote range

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The NEW GEN2 GC500 offers an outstanding remote technology, up to 300 yards with no line-of-sight required to activate the main speaker unit. The ability for a hunter to remain still and camouflaged the best they can is crucial to being more successful at hunting keen predators. The remote control also has the ability to activate an electronic decoy that can plug into the main speaker unit, giving the hunter another edge over the predator. Suggested product ICOtec AD400 decoy.
Programmability is made easy with the new GEN2 GC500. All calls are loaded and played directly from a standard size SD Media Card. Any custom audio file saved as a .mp3 or a .wav (16 bit or less) file format can be played by the GEN2 GC500. ICOtec has an exclusive FREE audio call library that is accessible from our website. All free calls are encrypted and playable only by an ICOtec programmable caller.
The unit requires 4 AA (1.5 volt batteries) and the remote requires one 9 volt battery. Batteries not included. All synchronization cables and computer USB connection cables are included. Windows PC computer downloads recommended. Light weight, compact, easy to operate, fantastic quality audio calls, very long range remote, low power consumption and one of the lowest prices available for a great programmable call. The ICOtec GEN2 GC500 is how predator calling was intended to be. Dead Serious!
No Line-Of-Sight Remote Technology
Up to 300 Yard Remote Range
200 Professional Sounds Included
NEW BIGGER Screen Font
NEW Stand Timer
NEW Threaded Tripod Mount
NEW Save up to 8 Calls in 2 Favorites Screens
NEW Pause Call Button
NEW On/Off Button & Screen Light (no more timer)
NEW More Durable Swivel Antenna
Tremendous Battery Life
Access to the Best FREE Call Library on the Planet
Calls Included
001 JD Invitation Howl.ico

002 WT Female Coyote Howl.ico

003 WT Male Coyote Howl.ico

004 ICO Single Coyote Howl.ico

005 ICO Interigation Howls.ico

006 BS Lone Howls.ico

007 RG Coyote Pup Howl.ico

008 RG Young Coyote Howl.ico

009 ICO Pup Howls.ico

010 ICO Coyote Barks.ico

011 jdp challenge bark howls m.ico

012 ICO Challenge Howl.ico

013 RG Coyote Alarm.ico

014 ICO Coyote Pack Rally.ico

015 WT Coyote Group Yip.ico

016 RG Group Howl.ico

017 ICO Group Howl.ico

028 ICO Pack Chatter.ico

019 ICO Mad Coyote.ico

020 jdp fcyt invite howls m.ico

021 jdp fcyt lone howls m.ico

021 jdp fcyt lone howls m.ico

023 jdp mcyt lone howls m.ico

024 Air Raid Siren.ico

025 ICO Coyote VS Fawn.ico

026 ICO Coyote VS Cottontail.ico

027 ICO Coyote VS Feral Cat.ico

028 ICO Coyote VS Baby Pig.ico

029 ICO Coyote Pup Growls.ico

030 ICO Coyote Pup Food Fight.ico

031 ICO Coyote Pup Distress.ico

032 ICO Coyote Pup Whining.ico

033 ICO Coyote Puppies.ico

034 ICO Dog Whimpers.ico

035 ICO Dueling Coyotes Distress.ico

036 ICO Mega Pup Distress.ico

037 ICO Pip Squeak Pup.ico

038 ICO Pup Chatter.ico

039 ICO Pup Death Rally.ico

040 ICO Pup Screams.ico

041 ICO Pup Talk.ico

043 ICO Squallin Pup.ico

044 ICO Squealing Pups.ico

045 JD Pup Distress.ico

045 JD Pup Distress.ico

045 JD Pup Distress.ico

048 jdp coyote yipping m.ico

049 jdp fcyt whimpers m.ico

050 jdp puppy howls m.ico

051 WT Coyote Pup Distress.ico

052 WT Timber Wolf Pup Distress.ico

053 WT Timber Wolf Howl.ico

054 ICO Wolf Howl 1.ico

055 ICO Wolf Howl 2.ico

056 ICO Wolf Howl 3.ico

057 ICO Wolf Howl 4.ico

058 ICO Wolf Rally.ico

059 BFC SS Fox Distress.ico

060 CH Gray Fox Distress.ico

061 ICO Gray Fox Barks.ico

062 RG Fennec Fox