Mini Deer Stops Steel 100 pk


Small cylinder shape for 3/32 and smaller cable.



What is a Deer Stop?
-A Deer Stop is a stop placed on the inside of the loop to prevent the loop from closing past a 2 ½” diameter circle. This stop allows a leg caught deer to pulls its leg back through the snare, and allows you to reset the snare.
Check your states regulations when it comes to deer stops, some states require them; and some have specific diameters the deer stop must be set at.

What is a live catch stop?
-A live catch stop is the same stop as a deer stop, it is just placed to make a bigger loop on the snare. The standard live catch coyote stop is placed to prevent the loop from closing past a 3 ½” diameter circle. This loop will not allow the coyote to escape, but will make sure the snare doesn’t close too tightly on the coyote and choke it.
Most fox will be able to escape from a snare with a live catch coyote stop; because the loop is too large and they can pull their heads back through the loop. The standard live catch fox stop is a 2 ½” diameter circle, the same as a deer stop.